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Yerevan Zvartnots (EVN): Converse Bank Business Lounge

Name of the lounge : Converse Bank Business Lounge. This is the generic (and only) airport lounge used by all airlines at EVN.

Location: upstairs airside

Opening Hours : 24hrs

Entry requirements:
1) usual requirements of business class ticket or appropriate FF membership.
2) Converse bank Gold card or higher.
3) Paid access (IIRC AMD20.000 EUR35)

Food offer: Rather basic, both in terms of choice and quality. I was there early morning and the offering consisted mostly of savoury nibbles (crisps,peanuts, ...), pastries, yogurts and some sad looking sandwiches. No warm dishes on offer.

Drinks offer : tea and coffee, soft drinks and juices (in cartons), beer, one local red wine and white wine, a few spirits (vodka, rum, gin) and liqueurs/bitters(Becherovka, Martini and pastis)

Wifi: yes
Showers: yes (ask at reception)
Toilets: yes
Quiet zone: no.
Loungers/sleep area: five loungers at the end on the lounge on the right hand side but not a separate room and the area remains quite bright.
Business area: not that I can recall
Spa: no
TV area: yes
Passengers are called: not that I can recall
Information screen: yes
Newspapers: not that I can recall

Other information
Number of seats: about 40-50 sofa-style seats and about 25 table-style seats
Level of noise: it was low when I was there but this was in the early hours of the morning.
Design: the lounge occupies most of the width of the gate area but is not very wide (about 5 or 6 meters wide) so it has a long-thin appearance, with the overall space broken up into distinct sections with use of soft dividers (eg: shelving) to avoid the corridor effect. The overall style is relatively modern/impersonal (laminate flooring, standard airport lounge type sofas and armchairs, etc...). The lounge is not over-packed with furniture so keeps a sense of airiness, open space. Overall, it is not an unpleasant space to stay in even if there is no particular wow effect.
View: the lounge overlooks the gate area in the terminal with a glass wall all along. In fact, the lounge has almost the feel of a mezzanine over the gate area (albeit one closed with glass panels rather than open). The terminal itself makes abundant use of floor-to-ceiling glass so there is plenty of natural light as well as view of the planes. The long and thin design of the lounge means that this is true in pretty much all areas of the lounge.
Multi floors: no
Terrace: no
Smoking area: yes. The smoking area is a small room towards the end of the lounge on the right, the entry to which remains open onto the main lounge. Smoke could conceivably waft through into the main lounge. The room was not used by anyone while I was there so I cannot say whether it is a real problem or not.
Direct boarding: no
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