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Originally Posted by jerryhung View Post
That's a cute alternative, reminds of PayTM when it used to pay investment account like TD Waterhouse with 3% fee too
Otherwise some $500 prepaid GC only has $7 fee and should be the better option

I've read that using AMEX with PayPal can easily trigger some audit/issues, so I'd leave PayPal as last resort
Plastiq @ 2.5% for pre-paying some bills is safer
Plastiq/Paytm to prepay bills is certainly the best option, I agree. I would not risk large Paypal transfers, I know both Amex and Paypal are easily auditing large transactions and it can be a pain to release the funds from Paypal. Gift card, of course, but you still have to liquidate them easily. I wouldn't like to get stuck with a large amount in GC.
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