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As a lifelong resident, living in NOLA for many, many years, rather than someone who has visited many, many times, I can safely say that with regards to the temperature at that time of year, Post #10 gives you much better advice than Post #11 .

The record low temp for December was 11 in 1989 and the record high was 84 in 1995. The people I mentioned in Post #8 were here on January 3 and they were freezing. Also, if the wind is blowing, there is a chance that it’ll make you feel colder, I.e., if the wind is coming off the Mississippi or roaring thru the streets in the CBD. Maybe someone who has visited many, many times can also assure you what the wind will be like during your stay.

Best bet is to check the weather a few days before you leave and pack accordingly.
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