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Just done CE from MAN-LHR-Larnaca and back. Apologies for the lack of photos.

MAN-LHR was a breakfast flight. I had tried to request a kosher meal which had defaulted to an Asian Vegetarian for some weird reason. However, when I got on board it turned out that no special meals had been loaded, so it was fruit and yogurt without the bacon roll. A pot of jam was also provided, but there was no bread for it, which made everyone laugh. Not a great initial experience.

Fortunately, the rest of the trip was brilliant. I'd ordered VLML to and from Larnaca and received the same dessert (coffee mousse on the outbound and strawberry pavlova on the inboard which is possibly the best dessert I've ever had on a plane) and cheese as the standard meals, with a different starter (caprese salad one way, don't know about the other way as I swapped with someone and had a delicious salmon sashimi) and main course (both pasta dishes, one cheesy, one not - both delicious). The standard mains looked and smelled good and my travelling companions confirmed that they were really tasty. Standard starter on the way back was duck, which also looked delicious. I was genuinely impressed with the presentation, quantity and level of service. The wines could go up in quality a bit, but there was no shortage of bar runs, and Ciroc vodka isn't cheap.

From LHR-MAN it was another breakfast flight and a kosher meal did appear, served on business class china. Biggest plate of exotic fruit I've ever seen on an aeroplane, which was fresh and tasty, alongside two (rather dry) pastries and a big yogurt. The fruit alone was more than enough.

Overall a very pleasant experience despite the issues on my outbound domestic segment.
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