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Originally Posted by jerry305 View Post

This RBC Avion 25,000 point offer was mentioned on another thread:

This offer is 25,000 Avion points. I don't see that the $120 annual fee is waived.

If you walk into an RBC branch and display a competitor's card, and say you want to switch, you should be able to get 15,000 Avion points, with $0 annual fee.

So the comparison is 25,000 ($120) versus 15,000 ($0).
Yes, it does require the time you spend at the branch to do it, though.

Also, the tiers with the RBC Avion program are:
15,000 Short-haul: Canada/United States Within or to an adjacent Province/Territory/U.S. State $350
35,000 Long-haul: Canada/United States Anywhere in Canada/U.S except Hawaii and Alaska $750

The in-branch offer gets you 15,000 points, which is right at one of the thresholds. My plan is to get my 15,000 Avion points, book a short haul flight (value $350), and call it a day with that card.

If you start with 25,000 Avion points, though, then you need to spend $10,000 more, to earn another 10,000 Avion points, to be able to use all your points.

So, if you're looking for a flight that's gonna be worth close to $750, then that might be the better option.
Does anyone know if this offer is still active? My hubby used the link I sent him to apply recently, and he said the offer online was quoted as 15K sign-up bonus. I'm wondering if he just went onto their website and used their online application, because I see the 25K on this link. Wondering if this specific link needs to be used to get the extra 10K?
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