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Originally Posted by sosafan View Post
By "this", do you mean pooling, voiceprints, or accepting phone calls before pooling?
I mean the points pooling feature.

Originally Posted by sosafan View Post
The idea of calling in advance seems like a good one. The idea of mentioning small claims court in this context does not.
Yeah, it needs a bit of work, maybe something like "I expect this to go smoothly and the upfront and precautionary measures that I have taken, for your (Hilton's) benefit I might add, to be duly noted and taken into account by your anti-fraud department when the pooling is processed. After reading multiple instances on the internet where members doing legit pooling have found their accounts being closed on a whim and their points taken away from them, I really don't want to be having to get a third party like the Fair Trade Commission to investigate why my legitimate pooling has gone awry." Anyway, you get the idea.

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