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Originally Posted by q View Post
Or, maybe the best is what is done in the US: no privilege whatsoever (aside from US vs Visitors) and a very efficient setup and flow management, to achieve max throughput. For the benefit of all. Well, I guess you could also buy your way as VIP, but probably more expensive than what you are normally willing to spend.
Not sure I understand this post. Do you mean to say that the US has an efficient system? Indeed, they have put in place some accelerators like kiosks for returning ESTA visitors or global entry. But other than that wait times at US airports can still be excruciatingly long, and often are. So I am not certain whether this is a good example.

Also, in the USA, at least at some airports, you have exactly that: a special lane for people with short connections. You have to show your boarding pass for the connecting flight, and when they see that your connection leaves within a short time you can use that lane.
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