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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
Tonight I booked some flights which were attractively priced in points, 2330 and 2379 points. Then I went to book a flight for cash. I discovered that the 2330 SFO-LAX flights priced out at $49 as normal but the 2379 OAK-LAX flights (a points price I've never encountered before) were pricing at $57. Checking the fare basis, 2379 is a 60 points per base fare dollar conversion ratio.
Ah, but are you sure that a lower-cost seat bucket didn't disappear between (or even as a result of) you booking the points fares first and booking the cash fares later? Airlines typically have only some seats at one price, and when that price sells out, the next higher price automatically appears. To be sure that the price at the time you booked was $57, you'd have to have been flipping back and forth between displaying the price in points vs in cash during the booking, not comparing bookings done at different times.

So go back and do that (flip back and forth between points and cash), and see if you can replicate this to be sure that the points/cash ratio was what you really thought. (Purchase not required!)

... And I'm not sure where you got the term Points Breaks (because I think it's used multiple places), but at IHG (the one I think of), Points Breaks are when you can book a hotel for 50% to 33% to 25% to 20% of its normal points price (ie, a flat 5000 points instead of 10000, 15000, 20000, 25000, etc). This hardly seems that big a points discount (even if it does check out).
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