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Originally Posted by Steve in Olympia View Post
It is a fallacy to declare that the Freedom cards "are designed as cashback cards" and, since the "cashback structure has not been impacted," the cards have not been devalued. Your argument reaches the desired conclusion only because you assumed the conclusion before you reached it.

This is a classic example of begging the question. As Ambrose Bierce once wrote, "An ostrich doesn't need wings because it can't fly anyway."

[redacted] many consumers choose the Freedom cards for the UR benefit.......consumers (like me) who never redeem for cash. We know that those consumers exist because every travel blogger advises their readers that redemptions for cash are the worst possible use of the Freedom cards.

Thank You for pointing this out despite I am accused for twisting the mathematical aspect.

Originally Posted by slm9555 View Post
Even though the Freedom and FU are "Cash back cars" even Chase markets the benefits as "points" that you can redeem for cash back. For example, when you read the fine terms on a FU sign up bonus it basically says that you get 15,000 points that can be redeemed for $150 cash back. It's really all about points and those points are used for cash back if you want them to be.

Several years ago we received preapproval Ink Cash offers with "$250" bonus like every 2 months. I always threw it away thinking that we did not want a cash rebate card... That was until one day I finally sat down to read the T&Cs, then found out it actually was 25,000 points that can be redeemed for $250 cash back... That tells us that Chase does not intend this card as a cash rebate card from the outset - the cash rebate is just one of the redemption options.

Freedom has gone from straight cash rebate to UR point earning at least 5 or more years ago fwiw.

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