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Edit - You are doing YYC-BKK in October. In what class? What's the price differential to move from Tango at 50% AQM to Low-Flex at 100% of to PY at 125%.
Given that's a ~7000 mile route, even 25% is going to cover almost half of your missing AQM. Any other trips booked on Tango or low-flex with minor price differentials?

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My inclination is to increase your earning % rather than spending a heck of a lot of time in a very small, poorly cushioned seat on an aircraft at 50%.

For P25K?

The suggestion to upfare from Tango to Flex or Flex to PY on your existing booking would be my call.

Bear in mind "only 4000 miles short" is a full 16% off. It's not like 4,000 short of SE.

Arguably, 400 miles short might be worth making up, but unless you expect to get early recognition of E35K next year, I'm not sure what value P25K would have for you. After my first P25K year, I ended the next at 21K and did not run for it. I did do early qualification for 35 the next year.

If you don't want to or cannot upfare your BKK trip, I suggest taking the 21K and start working on your spreadsheet for 2018. Strategically select long flights for PY (or even J) fares and get the multipliers working for you.

Save a tedious mileage run for when you have the status to make it more comfortable.

My 2c.
Its only the YYC-YVR and YVR-YYC segments that are in A/L. If my calculations are correct, instead of 854 total for both, I will only get 213 total. So not much of a difference if I upgrade those two to P.

I suggest taking the 21K and start working on your spreadsheet for 2018
I thought the 21k is only towards 2018 status. I didn't think you can carry it over for 2018 and use it towards 2019 status?

Guess I'll just forget about pursuing based on opinions here

Segment Class Distance AP earning AP earned
YYC-YVR L 427 25% 106.75
YVR-NRT P 4667 150% 7000.5
NRT-BKK P 2892 100% 2892
BKK-HKG I 1051 125% 1313.75
HKG-YVR P 6388 150% 9582
YVR-YYC A 427 25% 106.75
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