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Missing luggage

Hi there, looking for some advice please.
Flew to Phoenix via Glasgow on Thursday, one case arrived and two didn't. Not unexpected due to the LHR baggage problems and initially we weren't concerned. Got another case on Saturday (but it was the mostly empty one we fill up to return with!)
Since then the last communication about the missing case was an email on Friday stating it would arrive in Phoenix on the sat pm flight. World tracers updates are sporadic and the status of the missing case never changes.
The problem is that we are leaving in the early am for a couple of days in California, we have really just been buying essentials but my husband (it's his case and all his clothes that are missing) is getting really fed up having a choice of two pairs shorts etc!! Do you think if it's unreasonable to purchase a few more items of clothing to last for a trip? where does BA draw the line at essentials?
We are driving down to Phoenix airport today just to check the bag isn't there with no tags on etc. I realise this is minor compared to issues people face but this has really put a dampener on our holiday so far. I've phoned and tweeted BA and have now given up trying to communicate with was just too frustrating!! Thanks
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