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First of all, why would you even report this to your insurance company? If the hotel has accepted liability, you should be dealing with their insurance company directly. Any charges from the body shop or car rentals should be billed directly to them. You should not have to pay a deductible if you are dealing with their insurance company. If the hotel subsequently refuses to fix you car, instructs you where to take the car for repairs, or other shady things, then it is time to get your insurance company involved. Once you report the accident to your insurance company, it still counts as a claim, and while it may not immediately raise your rates because you weren't at fault, it can be used in other decisions such as renewing your policy in the future!

As far as the hotel goes, did you speak with anyone about the $38 charge after learning of the accident and did they refuse to take it off? I would definitely speak to the GM and ask not only for the $38 to be refunded, but also request to have the 40,000 points refunded as well. The damage to your car was the fault of one of their employees, ruined your whole stay, and it will be a pain in the butt for you dealing with everything that comes with it. The least the GM could do is refund the $38 and the points.

Let us know what happens!


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