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Originally Posted by sdsearch View Post
I doesn't sound like you understand what the loophole is.

As I understand it, there's a limit on buying points outright.

But there's no limit on making points + cash reservations, then cancelling those reservations, and then getting all the points back (including the ones you bought with the cash portion). Ie, anyone can buy points at the points + cash rate ad infinitum if they just make and cancel, make and cancel, make and cancel, make and cancel, make and cencel reservations endlessly endlessly endlessly.

No one does this AFAIK at IHG because it's not that great a value at IHG. If it is as great a value as people in these thread claim, this loophole could be a big liability for Choice if they never intended to just plain "sell" points at this rate.
The current CP terms include this language:

"A maximum of 250,000 points can be purchased in a calendar year through Points Plus Cash.".

It's been pretty much that same way since before 2016. And I'd call that a limit on playing CP's points+cash game.

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