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Originally Posted by nsx View Post
I wonder if the "technical issue" was discovery that someone was scamming points. Worse for us would be management's desire to close the loophole whereby we can buy an unlimited number of points at a reasonable price.

I suspect it's the latter, and that someone in management read a blog post about Points and Cash, belatedly discovering the loophole we have known about for years. That's exactly how Alaska miles for cheap Etihad First Class tickets ended.
Scamming points how? By paying the price that Choice asked for and accepted?

Choice management had capped the number of points that could be purchased this way and then had lifted the cap. That's an indication of a loophole? I don't buy that. I'd be more inclined to bet that they've realized they can get more revenue from point sales than they've been getting; and/or that their relationship is more in the picture. That, and/or they're still showing that they've got their technology management issues.
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