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Originally Posted by Rae Jay View Post
Hi everyone:

I'm a newbie. First post!

I'm looking for some insight/clarification. Need to put my mind at ease.

Awhile back, my family and I flew American into DFW and were denied boarding on the last flight to LAX. (Arrived 25-30 minutes before flight departed. Had assigned seats; did not receive compensation.) I immediately contacted the airlines after my trip and received a form letter stating we arrived late. Not true! In actuality, the gate agent refused to talk to any passengers in line until minutes before the flight was to depart and only after she had made a flight full announcement. It should come as no surprise to many of you that my request for IDB compensation was flatly denied!

I sued the airlines in small claims court and won a modest judgment for out-of-pocket expenses. In defense of the suit, American supplied a confusing SABRE Status Purged report with the following codes in the history data section: H-SPLIT FR/(ticket number)/(date) WFZXZP 02/02 01/01; HK/XM1; H-OSO$IVR$(date); and H-OSO$DLY$DOM$(date).

The codes were entered after we were IDB'd. Does anyone know what these codes mean? This has been bugging me since the trial.

Would really appreciate the help. Thank you!
Welcome to FT. I had someone look at the comments you posted (all automated, BTW) and they firmly stated that there's nothing in them that would yield any additional insight. "Split" simply means the PNR was split at some point, OSO is obviously IRROPS, etc. Not a shred of extra info aside from technical stuff and/or stuff you already know.
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