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I have a new gig and fly many many miles. Sadly my company won't fly us business but in the interest of profit book the cheapest economy flight we can.

For my schedule UA offers the most flexibility but since its the cheapest ticket the miles I get are horrendous, more than horrendous fly 6000 and sometimes get 600, what a program

I discovered that Singapore evidently gives 100% credit, seems TGTB fly UA economy but use alliance and Singapore FF to get 100%, even though Singapore rewards miles requirements are higher I am still way ahead given the huge difference in miles credit versus miles flown on UA versus fly UA and get FF credit on UA. On mileage tables it says for every UA miles I fly Singapore gives 100% credit. So I'm thinking of swapping and flying UA but under KirsFlyer#, am I missing anything?
1) Krisflyer miles expire 3 years after you earn/acquire them. You can pay to extend them once for six months, but that's it.

UA miles don't expire as long as you have activity on the account every 18 months

2) united treats their united silver better than star alliance silver(alliance status for Krisflyer silver). United silver gets free economy plus upgrade at check-in, star alliance silver or gold doesn't get that.

If you don't fly enough to earn status, then point #2 is moot
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