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Originally Posted by rjw242 View Post
I think you may be conflating IDBs and involuntary removal of passengers already boarded. I don't see any reason why the former would change much. The latter, as you say, will likely be handled very differently and avoided (or incentivized to be voluntary) wherever possible.
No I am clear on the distinction between the two. I posted in this thread primarily to address IDB. Although a big scene at the gate won't gain the notoriety and press (or likely multi-million dollar lawsuit) of United's incident, I think the big 3 airlines will likely be more willing to do what is necessary to incentivize folks to accept VDB as folks at the gate have cameras too and the airlines maybe more risk adverse to piss off their customers, and instead make them at least satisfied if not happy, even though they have the right to IDB a customer as outlined in the CoC.

I can't imagine the removal of a paying seated customer against their will that has already boarded and in full compliance with all terms and conditions of the CoC ever again. Even the tone deaf Oscar has stated this will never happen again on UA.
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