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Originally Posted by crazcarl View Post
For Android on the upgraded App, if you're clicking "Upgrades" and seeing the "Upgrade Requested" message, what you actually need to do is click back and then instead of clicking "Upgrades" swipe that section up and click "Upgrade List". Then you should see it.

Not sure if that's your issue but that was causing me trouble earlier this week until I saw that I could swipe up that menu bar.
What I learned today (since can't really work issues unless you are in 4 hr window) on my flight. This is for iOS.

- After the app UG all my flights were shown, was able to get boarding pass, change seats, but UG list did not pull up when looking at my flight for that day. Poked around couldn't find it, so used the flight search screen which did show UG list. No time to debug for a Monday morning surprise change to functionality.
- For return flight, with plenty of time to experiment and based on comments here I poked around a bit. Again res details all there. Swipe up, down, left, right no UG list.
- Then I notices at the top right corner it said 'log in'. Odd but ok, went with that. Once logged in I was able to get to the UG list.
- When to the detailed screen for my flight (i.e. the right arrow on the res) which shows my name and the specific flight's details. Swipped up on the annoying bar at the bottom, which reveals options for 'upgrade list', 'manage trip' and 'share trip'.
- That's not the end. Later when I went back in to check if I cleared. The little annoying bar at the bottom no longer had the 'upgrade list' choice showing.
- So I refreshed my res page (swipe down) multiple times until I finally got the 'upgrade list' choice again.

Having read most of the comments, I think this explains why people are experiencing different results.

1. Make sure you are actually logged in (seeing res does not mean you are logged in).
2. Go to detailed res page (second screen) and pull up the bottom menu
3. If it's not there refresh until it shows up.

Seems pretty obvious to me.
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