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Originally Posted by seawolf View Post
Reseller is not the problem. As documented in this thread, the problem even affect gift cards from Hyatt itself. Their gift card numbering scheme is weak and compromised thus they are now introducing a new numbering scheme with more digits.
That's really WEIRD that cards on eBay at 20-40 percent off from sellers with less than 10 transactions or poor feedback, have had issues. Also strange that 20 pct off cards from 3rd party resellers have issues too!

The buyer gets sucked in by the huge savings. Seems like a GREAT deal, until it's not.

Buyer beware, but do reasearch, logic and reason. I know many will say "my credit card company will protect me". Fine, but that seems like an associated pain that the buyer should be aware of, going into any deep discount transaction. Anything above 10 percent off, I'd personally stay away from. To each their own I guess.
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