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Originally Posted by vandykes44 View Post
I'm trying to look up flights to use Thank you points, but I can't figure out how to format the arrival and departure dates. No calendar pops up. So I enter dates as they have identified (MM/DD/YY) or 02/05/18 and it continually tells me that I don't have the correct date format. Anyone know how can I enter dates to check flights? Thanks
02/05/18 is too far in the future, you need to call citi to make these reservations. When I tried that date, there was a relatively clear message indicating this. Although something tells me the dev did not understand the requirement correctly:

Error: Please enter a departure date no later than (append today's date +270 days including year).

Pretty sure the "(append today's date +270 days including year)" part should be a calculated value. Sometimes devs get lazy and/or take things literally.

To get the calendar to pop up, you need to click on the icon that is left justified inside the date input box.

It's a pretty mediocre site.

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