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Was on TR yesterday from Antalya to LGW via Istanbul Ataturk. My husband packed his iPad in his hold baggage and I handed in my iPad and Kindle at the IST departure gate.

Bags were checked through to LGW as usual from ANT, with no questions asked about where our electronics were. Security checks seemed as normal there.

At the IST departure gate there were three checks: the first to manually check your BP against your passport, the second to screen your passport (only one person with a single terminal doing this, so the queue moved exceeding slow), and finally a brush down body search/thorough search of your hand baggage/request to give up electronics. Moble phones were waved through. My iPad and Kindle were put into separate bubble-wrap bags, details written on a list, which I signed, then onto two-part numbered baggage tags, the small tags being given to me. I was told I would need them to reclaim the items. My items were then sealed and placed in a hard-sided suitcase.

At LGW, immediately as we disembarked, those who had handed in electronics were asked to wait to one side. As soon as everyone was off the 'plane, the suitcases were bought out and three members of staff quickly distributed our items to us, checking carefully against the receipt tags. This all took less than ten minutes, although there were only about 15 of us waiting - most people seem to have put their electronics in their hold baggage.

The new procedure was slow and a bit frustrating at IST, but I think Turkish have done their best with this problem and are taking security extremely seriously - and I for one would prefer a bit of a wait to an eternal one..... . I'd suggest getting to the gate a bit earlier than you may usually do. Our flight took off a only a few minutes late despite the extra security.

The only thing that annoyed me was throwing away the beautiful huge bubble-wrap bags away afterwards, but I have nowhere to store them!
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