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Originally Posted by Eujeanie View Post
Perhaps they put it on the rooftop?

Edit: I guess not, but I don't think that's a bad looking pool from your pictures. Many pools in Waikiki are small because of space constrictions.
Actually, I think you're right about the rooftop!

I viewed the Aqua Waikiki Wave building with Google Maps and Bing Maps websites, as well as with the Apple Maps application.

The old pool was a tiny, ground-level pool in one corner of the property. The hotel's tower rises from a base that covers quite a bit more square footage than the tower. When it was the Waikiki Wave, the roof of the base was just a roof.

The renderings from DLR Group show the roof transformed into space for guests. The first rendering makes this clear. The other outdoor renderings all appear to involve the transformed roof.

The rendering of the pool shows a tall building, which appears to be the tower of the Westin Moana Surfrider, in the background. That means DLR Group designed a new pool where there had previously only been a roof. (The angle toward the Westin Moana Surfrider works out perfectly.) The old pool will presumably be put out of its misery.

This is really encouraging!

If they're building it as DLR Group designed it, I would agree that "The pool is the ultimate amenity" is not just marketing hyperbole. Turning the roof of the base into outdoor space, including a larger pool than before, is a brilliant design.
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