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IC Berlin

IC Berlin

Were you (or for multi-stayers are you generally) happy with the hotel/stay?
Yes, it was okay.
Which room did you book and which upgrade did you receive?
Booked cheapest room, got upgraded to Junior suite with club access.
Was told at check-in that upgrade policy has changed to include view in room categorisation, therefore to get a junior suite next time, I need to book a Deluxe room from now on.
How are the rooms?
It's a small suite with a door between the narrow living area and the sleeping room. Nice shower and bath tub separated.
How is the exec. lounge?
Since January 4th there is no lunch: No soup, no salad or anything else. So between breakfast and high tea not even some bread available.
During my two nights stay I went there just once at about 1 pm, therefore I do not know whether breakfast or dinner time have changed, too.

Did you receive a welcome gift?
Nuts and chocolate.

How was the minibar?
I do not remember, but I think sparkling whine was new.
Just took some water and white whine.
What was good and what was bad?

  • Nice upgrade
  • One of the best pools for swimming in Berlin. (As good as Pulman just accross the street)
  • Good restaurant in the former cigar lounge.
  • Great staff at breakfast, they remembered after about 6 months which juice I like, how I want my eggs.
  • No toilet on the ground floor, due to an event. (Regulars know, normal guests always have to suffer if there is an event, because this hotel is not built to host events, but they host great events.)
  • As almost always the Ambassador treatment arrived hours after arrival at my room.
  • Lounge. Downgrade of lounge service not offering anything at noon. Was once a good lounge I was willing to pay for, before staff changed, "I want a room downgrade but instead lounge"-beggars blocked check-in and the staff did not do anything except saying "would you mind to checki-in standing in the second row", etc pp)

Value for $ or Priority Club Points?
Good value for a little less than 100 Euro/Night.
Would you return?
Yes, mainly because of the pool and smoking rooms.
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