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Originally Posted by tgtg View Post
Mr. tgtg and I are both vegetarians. I can tell you that on short haul, all the vegetarian (veggie, non-dairy, Asian, Hindu) meals are cold soggy grilled vegetables on dry bread (no condiments). It is awful. Been going on for years. Not likely to change anytime soon. For some reason, they also seem to think that since we are vegetarian, the only thing we like for desert is fruit.

On transcons (and international) out of large hubs we like the Hindu meal. When it is really a Hindu meal it is outstanding. The Delta Hindu meal is always vegetarian, curry, spices, even naan (usually). Highly recommended if you like that stuff.

However, the ability to guarantee an edible vegetarian meal on DL has become less than 20%, so we have taken to ordering, but generally foregoing the pathetic excuse for food.

It is certainly not one of the highlights of our Delta experience.

I'll second the DL Hindu meal on international flights. I've even had the coach international Hindu meal and in terms of quantity and quality, it was as good as any of the michelle Bernstein crap. The only thing I missed were the Ice Cream Sundaes (this was back in the old days when the Ice Cream Sundaes were good - not the disgusting new age Ice Cream Sundaes Delta's pawning off now - yuck).
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