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Originally Posted by paulinias View Post
I'm flying LAX-JFK in a couple of weeks and thinking about ordering a vegetarian meal. I've had pretty good luck with getting the pasta entree, but would like to order the meal so I don't have to worry about them running out (currently in row 10 on 767-400). Anyone ordered a vegetarian meal on this route recently? I don't want to get stuck with a cold hard piece of bread with cucumbers, which occasionally happens in First Class VLML.
I vaguely recall ordering VGML once and ending up with the usual pasta but maybe a different starter?

More recently I ordered AVML and ended up with black bean patties (but not served as a burger) and a lot of raw vegetables. Probably wouldn't order that again.

I usually don't bother with SPML on this route. I can't remember the last time they ran out of the pasta... usually they way over cater (eg something like 26 entrees for 16 seats on the 757).
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