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Originally Posted by guflyer View Post
This worries me. Currently, at many airports (such as EWR on Monday morning), they let everyone go through the WTMD when the body scanner would have been way to slow. I am concerned that this new device could end this practice. Also, it could be used in other areas or even stealthily.

Additionally, it concerns me that the article says that this is going to be tested first at train stations in Washington, DC and Los Angeles. Does this mean that body scanners are going to be part of the plan for train stations now?
They may end up creating worse bottlenecks of sorts at the stations, but those shouldn't be much worse than they are at stores in terms of bottlenecking itself. The key difference perhaps may be that more innocent, unarmed people end up shot by police or other "security forces" due to more "alarms" and more "alarmed" armed governmental personnel around to react to alarms. Other than that, such an approach may able to be as unintrusive as those shoplifting alarm gates at stores.
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