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MIT Technology Review:
AI Body Scanners Could Solve the Worst Thing About Airports

The most annoying thing about airports is going through security. But a startup called Evolv Technology is getting set to begin public tests of a new AI-powered body scanner, which it claims will allow people to saunter through checkpoints without breaking stride or emptying their pockets.

Evolv has built its scanner using the same millimeter-wave imaging frequencies as existing (and often controversial) full-body scanners. But instead of having someone stand still in a circular booth, the company scans its radar beams up and down people as they walk, measuring how the waves scatter off them.

The data isnít used to create an image like those normally shown to security staff. Instead, itís processed by a machine-learning algorithm thatís been trained to spot dangerous items like explosives and weapons. If the system thinks itís spotted something, a member of security staff is alerted to perform a more detailed check.
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