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Possible 787 Order on the way

Possible 787 Order watch: Air New Zealand
I'm hearing from sources that Air New Zealand is doubling down on the 787.

The airlines' CEO was in Everett last week and apparently had come to an agreement to increase the airlines' 787 order but details are not available so I don't know the number or derivative(s). The CEO flew back on Air New Zealand's most recently delivered 787-9 which was delivered on October 12th.

Boeing has had a nice run of 787 orders boosting their 2016 787 sales campaign results to 61 net orders thanks to orders from mainly from China and Qatar. They can still achieve a book-to-bill greater than 1 if they can close the potential Emirates order this year.
If the Luxon was in Seattle does add some weight that it is more than rumour. Or maybe BOeing some work for 777X Vs A350?
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