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Couldn't find a good post of mine, but came across this great post by Brugge, and placed a note in the Wiki to read it before applying for a personal AS card.

Originally Posted by Brugge View Post
There is a lengthy and painstaking way to get your Plat card replaced with a Sig card, and get the full 25K bonus. Not "upgraded", once a card is issued, it can't be upgraded, they have to open a new app for you from their side. If you look back thru the thread, I've given the full details on this. Be aware it will take at least 2 months to get the new card, and will involve another HP. So maybe just reapply, hope that due to the recent app it will go to pending, and Recon may very well approve you for a Sig. Then cancel the recent inferior card, it's not worth the AF.

The way to get a Sig card, if you are instantly approved for a lessor card, is to just reapply the same day. Most likely that app will go to pending, or be denied as a mistaken "duplicate app". Then you can call Recon, and get them to reopen the app, give you a Sig for your second app, and cancel the first one. All apps on the same day get combined, so your second, or third if necessary, will only register as one HP with the CB.

Don't keep the lessor cards open, as lately AS is closing the accounts of people who get multiple AS cards the same day. Make sure they are canceled as soon as the Sig card is approved.

Also make sure you apply during weekday business hours, as B/A Recon is closed evenings and weekends, and if you have to call them a day later, you will end up with another HP.

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