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Originally Posted by paradox View Post
.....She just received a targeted mailer offering 50K miles after $3K spend in 3 months. The T&C state that "This offer is only valid for new accounts". There is no mention of the 24 month restriction.

I called Citibank and was told she can get the card but is not eligible for the miles................... I'd call Citi again, but I was on hold for nearly 30 minutes and would like to avoid repeating that if I can.
I am not sure what information are you expecting to hear from Citi CSRs, they will either give you similar information to your first phone call (which is not what you wanted to hear)or different information which will create more confusion to you because you don't know which CSR is right, odds are they will be both wrong, just remember Rule #1: never trust what Citi CSR tell over the phone. Rule #2 Don't call Citi for questions because of Rule #1, the answer to your mailer question is in the wiki FAQ#2.

ohh... one more thing, i will be happy to test the mailer for you to see if it will work

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