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Originally Posted by aww3583 View Post
Waiting to fly into ATL. Flight has boarded and deplaned 2x so far as ATC delays us another hour, every hour, on the hour. Delta's updating its app slowly, so it's tough to get updated info. Unfortunately, the app and website know more than our GA's here in PNS.

Our departing flight out of ATL is also being delayed, but much less than our incoming flight. Going to be a long afternoon with our little one.

Delta protected us on a much later flight out of Atlanta, but Hartsfield is the last place I'd want to spend 6 hours with a 21-month-old.

Good luck to everyone traveling today.
Just another day at ATL during the summer, unfortunately. ORD, DFW, and IAH can be even worse, and DL is MUCH better at IRROPS recovery than AA or UA (I know that doesn't help much haha).

Do you have some form of lounge access? The SCs will usually stay open a bit later if there are major delays. There's also the Minute Suites in B, but they are probably booked up by now.
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