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Originally Posted by peabody View Post
Did the mailers have the language about the bonus being only available for new applications?
This cannot be overemphasized.

We just got another mailer (30K for $750 spend in 3 mos, plus more miles for some absurdly large addl spend ($5K, IIRC)). My first reaction was this was a sweet deal twice as good as 60K/$3K, and could be churned hard, but then I read the T&C closely & found the 24 mos clause. So keep in mind that mailers will differ markedly in this respect.

And to be clear, in case anyone is not: "applicable only to new accounts" is nothing to worry about. All it means is that Citi won't cut you this deal on an account you already have; it doesn't mean you're DQed if you have a Citi AA card or have ever had one.
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