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Originally Posted by italdesign View Post
Barclay also requires AU SSN now.

As of a year ago, Amex did not require AU SSN if you call to add them. I kept getting letters each month asking for SSNs but never bothered.

Nowadays I freely add myself as AUs. I probably have 12 million accounts on my CR. Fine with me as long as banks keep approving me for new CCs - which they do, except 5/24, which is small enough in the grand scheme of the game.

Obviously if someone is still under 5/24, they should keep it that way.
From what I've read, there doesn't seem to be much risk in getting an AU card, using it once, cancelling it, then getting it completely removed from the CRs within 4 weeks or so. Is that still true?

The AU cards are all Chase BTW. Also sounds like the success rate on getting reconn'd if 5/24 is being triggered by an AU account is mixed.
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