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DL124 BOS-AMS 6/13 in D1 - 764

This went with out with a full 40 passengers in the D1 cabin. Take-off time was 5:14pm and the times I provide with the comments are the approximate time I received the course.


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Orders were taken from the front 1ABC and down that aisle, then back up 10D to 1D. By the time 8C ordered (I was in 8D) they had ran out of the halibut.

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I believe the Rioja Reserva was the one that seemed popular, 2/3 of the bottle was gone by the time it got to me (and no I didn't try any of the wine).

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5:56pm Appetizer - the ham was great, there wasn't any dressing provided for the lettuce though.

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6:32pm The bread was the usual selection, still good. The soup was great - not spicy at all in case you're wondering since it had "green chili" in the title. It was on the thick side (like gravy) with corn and chicken. The FA had heard positive reviews on it too, and I thought it would be better without the sour cream. The salad was alright, not anything too unique, especially since the appetizer had arugula with the same cheese.

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6:49pm I went with the chicken and from hearing the orders in the back of the aircraft the chicken was a popular choice. The chicken itself was great - cooked correctly and had good flavor. Wasn't a huge fan of the risotto and the carrots were good too.

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7:19pm Standard ice cream - choices for sauce were chocolate or something that looked like caramel.

I missed the snack cart being out during the flight as I was asleep. I woke up about 1.5 hours before arrival to see a few water bottles and a lone bag of smartfood popcorn. This cart was set up near the D1 lavatories by the 2L and 2R doors.

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10:49pm (4:49am AMS time) - The eggs were good, had lots of southern spices/flavor. The chicken sausage was good too, coming from a person that doesn't like sausage. Didn't bother with the pico de gallo. Standard bread options for breakfast included the bagel and croissant from what I noticed.

Overall good food and good personable service on this flight too. It was a little slow initially but granted it was a full cabin and there was a problem with the IFE too.

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