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Originally Posted by lonelycrowd View Post
Wow - the discounts on attractions they are offering via Go Free/Fast Plus are all for things the average traveler would never even consider, could probably get from coupons in the tourist brochure racks you find in most Wyndham-type motel lobbies, or are based on such laughably high base prices that you'd be silly to book through them even with a $5 coupon. For an upcoming stay in Anaheim I see that I would have the option of a single $5 discount on a $50 per person "Cupcake Tour of Beverly Hills". The WR wizard must have really worked his magic to take off a whole five dollars for that one! Ditto their Istanbul offers. They're offering $5 off a $40/person Turkish Coffee Reading. My wife tells me that she paid 20 liras for essentially the same package (where she was told that I must be cheating on her and that we will have three children!). Just as amazing that they're quoting a $28.78 base price for a Bosporus cruise - doesn't the municipality offer those cruises for 15 liras and isn't entrance to Rumeli completely free?

I'm not saying that I don't appreciate some of the benefits that Wyndham is introducing. I knew they were unlikely to introduce executive lounges at the Wyndham Grands or free breakfasts at the Ramadas, but somehow I expected them not to make such a big deal out of what is essentially an attempt to push marketing for overpriced tourist traps onto their most loyal customers.
Actually, the benefits for their most loyal customers (the highest tier, ie Diamond) is different; while they can still use the $5 discounts if they really want, they get a free ticket to some local thing. Of course, I looked over the list, and in most cities it was something I had relatively little interest in (a theme park 70 miles away, or a swamp tour, or whatever). But still, it appear to be an outright ticket, so a bit less of a scam (though claiming it's worth up to $150 is a bit of overkill).

You don't have to be Diamond to see what the tickets in various cities are. Just go to the site where you browsed all the $5 discount scams, and there's a link there to see what a Diamond gets.
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