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Originally Posted by Longboater View Post
DL COULD have avoided making this process political by applying for JFK-HND.
Isn't this entire allocation the result of political negotiations between two sovereign states? Doesn't that allocation clearly show an intent by both said states to protect their own airlines? Isn't the allocation process in the US being overseen by a government body? And DL could have avoided making this political? Your post could not have possibly been serious, could it?

Originally Posted by Longboater View Post
Better than a 50/50 chance DOT would have approved all three routes.
You seem to be ignoring that DL didn't want any three routes. They want the specific three routes they requested.

Originally Posted by Longboater View Post
MSP alone would be unable to support any Trans Pacific flight if it weren't for DL having their second/third largest hub there (depending on how you characterise the size of a hub either by seats or flights per day).
But MSP is a primary DL hub. Why should the DOT consider a hypothetical that doesn't exist? When and if MSP ceases to be a hub, what is stopping the DOT from simply re-allocating the frequency?
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