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Originally Posted by MSPeconomist View Post
Then, does "replies" = decisions, or do the airlines respond to each others' "answers"?
Here's the sequence.

DOT issues "Order instituting proceedings"
All have the opportunity to "Petition for reconsideration" of the above.
All have the opportunity to respond to others petitions in "Answers to petitions"
All have the opportunity to file "Objections" to the order instituting proceedings.
All have the opportunity to file "Answers to Objections"
and so on.

On 4/14/2016 DOT granted petitions for reconsideration and issued an Order with an updated schedule:

Resumption of the Proceeding
In view of the decisions above, the Department is revising the remaining procedural schedule for
the proceeding as follows:
Applications: April 21, 2016
Answers: May 5, 2016
Replies: May 12, 2016
So I was mistaken. April 26 is no longer the next milestone date, it is May 5. The last opportunity to comment will be the "Replies" which are due May 12. Then it will be up to DOT to decide.

Follow all the fireworks here:
Docket DOT-OST-2016-0048
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