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I haven't done it personally, but from my research, the discounted tickets are limited to wheelchair users, so nonapparent disabilities probably will not qualify. I think the discounted fare is primarily intended to deal with the fact that most bridges are not ramped, so the waterbus is the primary method to permit those who cannot travel past barriers to move from island to island. Europe in general seems to be a bit different from the USA with respect to nonapparent disabilities, so if there were a nonapparent disability that prevented a person from crossing barriers, but the person did not have a wheelchair, I suspect unless you speak excellent Italian to be able to explain it to an inspector it would not work.

I don't think (but am not completely positive) that the wheelchair user needs to show up to buy the ticket -- a nondisabled person can do so, and they may even be sold by the ticket machines. There is no general ticket check when you board. So, the only issue would be if an inspector is on board, in which case I would think the wheelchair itself would serve as proof, but it probably wouldn't hurt to bring your blue handicapped placard.

As for how this new policy, if implemented, will affect the disabled, since Perche's inquiry has led to confusion whether there even is a policy, I suspect that there's no way to know at the moment.
Just tried it today. They won't accept any disabilities unless you have a wheelchair. (I live near Venice and work there).
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