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Been a long time lurker here. I don't know what I did yesterday but this happened to me.

After hearing the news of the new 24 month rule and being way over 5/24 and Amex not approving me for any more cards, I mulled over taking an extended break from apps. However I remembered that I had not applied for a Citi Plat biz card (I currently have 2 Plat and 1 Gold) and decided to apply. My application was rejected and it said something like we can't approve you at this time and we'll send a letter. So I was pissed and decided to not waste my hard pull and apply for a 2nd Gold (1st had been upgraded to WE last year) understanding the loophole may be closing and the 24 month is now in effect. I was approved for the 2nd Gold

Then it struck me after the approval that something was off. Then it hit me. I applied and was approved despite the 8/65 rule. I completely forgot about the rule when applying after the business app was denied. I thought it might be because it was a biz app and rushed on here to clarify. The wiki does say that you have to wait 8 days for a second application irregardless of denial or approval but I'm not 100% sure if there is a personal/biz discrepancy

TLDR - applied for AA Plat Biz denied, applied for AA Gold approved same day (appears to break 8/65). Unless I misunderstood something?

Just though to leave the data point (maybe it was a glitch). Now to wait for the letter and see if I will get the bonus.
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