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Originally Posted by JDiver View Post
Incorrect. AA tries to protect members upgraded on AA on alternate flights. It's much more likely they will do so on JB partners such as BA or JL. See post 20 by JonNYC. It's certainly what I've experienced, too.
Originally Posted by JonNYC View Post
With JJ I'd expect it to be very, very difficult. While it's true that there's a policy to _try_ and accommodate upgraded, ticketed AA pax on OneWorld partners, over time its become evident (even if not entirely clear) that it's much easier (for sure) and much more likely on JBV/ATI partners as opposed to other OneWorld airlines.
Even if it is JBV/ATI partners, it does not work all the time. I got burned a couple of times, including AA misconnect, rebooked on BA J, told they were sold out, I was waitlisted upon check in, and turned out I didn't even get a J or Y. Agents looked into the fare code and insisted I could only even waitlist on Y. I have tried to avoid any possible BA flight since then.

I believe they can rebook you directly in J, but it all depends on the load factors of the rebooking flight.

Originally Posted by more777sneeded View Post
You could try to get rebooked DFW SYD HKG on the A380
Highly doubt that would go through. AA agents are prohibited to backtrack and rebook when there are better options around.

Can someone give any insight if AA will bent any rules, including MPM, and valid fare basis to rebook passengers due to IRROPs?

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