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Originally Posted by Renes Points View Post
Thanks for the personal attack. Classy.

If you had taken the time to look at the linked news you would see:

"The problems with de-icer didnít extend to the Fargo Jet Center.

"Private aircraft are taking off without any issue," said Fargo Jet Center President Jim Sweeney."
You ignored his/her post. Are you saying there was an intentional effort on Delta/DGS's part to run out of deicing fluid and cancel their own flights?

Especially considering how the employees likely live in Fargo and may very well be NDSU fans themselves, what would make you think this would be malicious at all? There are dozens of reasons that deicing fluid could be depleted, and malice to stop a few pax going to a football game isn't one of them... or am I missing something?
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