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"so in layman's term, KTM to LHR via Abu Dhabi will cost me 40k AA miles (first class) and I'll need to get back to Nepal by purchasing it on my own (one-way)?

I'll definitely look into this. This is pretty awesome. Thank you!"

Exactly how many AA miles do you have? Keep in mind that your credit card should earn you a rebate after you redeem 40K miles for KTM-LHR in F. If you end up with 20K miles left over, that will be enough for Europe-KTM in Y; if you don't have 20K miles left over, 10K AA miles will get you an intra-European one-way. Depending on one-way fares to KTM, you might want to use 10K AA miles to get to Eastern Europe/Turkey, if fares to KTM are significantly cheaper from there.
I think Istanbul to KTM costs about the same as LHR to KTM. I have 60003 (just checked to see) miles on US airways. Do I transfer it to AA miles?

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