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Originally Posted by Deceasedhorse View Post
I currently have 7 experian hard pulls and 4 Equifax HP's within the past six, and Citi pulls both where I live (Maryland). I'll be good to go on the 8/65 rule in about a month; is the 6 hard pull/six month limit hard and fast? I otherwise have a 750-800 credit score. Does it matter if I apply for the business platinum instead? If the six hp rule is set in stone I suppose I can try in March rather than risking it.
The six months is hard and fast. (Except Citi has problems counting time , so give it an extra margin!)

How many hard pulls (within that six months) is the limit is YMMV. In other words, it's some number which is probably hard and fast for you, but that number may be 6 or may be much more, and it may different for you than it is for me.

Ie, IIRC, the denial letter is firm on the six months, but doesn't spell out the count of inquiries (ie, something like "too many inquiries in the past six months"). You have to look at your own credit report(s) to figure out the count of inquiries that caused the denial.

I don't think we've ever heard of this denial being caused by less than 6 inquiries.
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