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Originally Posted by gbs1112 View Post
On arrival passengers with e-Visas are directed to a separate location in the immigration hall. The line ahead of us was very short, maybe 10 people in all, but progress was disappointingly slow. They collect biometric data and the finger print registration screens were being difficult. One passenger in front of me took almost ten minutes to complete the finger print bit while the official leant acoss his counter over and over again to polish the screen. This was happening at several of the four or five counters open. When it was our turn we were not fingerprinted and I guess that this was because we had a 'proper' visa issued earlier in the year and the data collected then was still on record. For us the processing time was 1-2 minutes.
Doesn't mirror my experience on the 24th. Two separate queues, (oh why oh why - just have one!), I joined the shorter one and even with 4 people in front was out of there within a few minutes. Providing my biometrics was painless.
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