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Originally Posted by GUWonder View Post
The frequency, scope and scale of the devaluations has not been consistent over time. Nor has it been consistent across different markets.

The US airline program loyalty market has had more competition until it came down to just the US3 for the most part. Those non-US airline program markets you bring into the discussion (and I've had an account with all of those for years too) have had less competition for far longer (when it comes to airline loyalty programs party to Oneworld/Skyteam/StarAlliance) than the US.

Less competition amongst loyalty programs --> worse devaluations for loyalty program customers? More so than not. And now AA is making that more clear too via this official announcement about the program changes next year.
They have plenty of competition. Many of their customers are fleeing for FR, AK and U2. So, how exactly does one redeem for SQ F on AK, U2 or FR? Others are fleeing for the ME3... who also don't hand out 100% RDM on deep discount Y.

I still maintain the USA is catching up to where most of the world is as far as loyalty programs go; there's no need to treat someone like a god who buys cheap Y like anyone on Kayak, even if they buy it consistently from one supplier, because there's a lot of people who buy whatever's cheapest on Kayak. If you want to buy what's cheapest consistently from us, sure, we'll sell it to you, but don't expect a crown of laurels for it.

Originally Posted by GrandMoffJoseph View Post
This would be a really good time to nix the restrictions that prevent non-US carriers from flying domestic routes here. The extra competition is needed now more than ever.
So you can earn 10% RDM on SQ or 25% on EK on a deep discount Y fare when they fly LAX-JFK ? LOL.

Look, this is simple; if you really want to fly the best product and disregard mileage acquisition... the door's open. It's been open for a while (VX, B6, etc.).

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