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Originally Posted by Superguy View Post
I'm still going thru the info, but CX earning is horrid in Y.

Y, B 100%/1.00
H 100%/0.50
K, M, L, V, Q, S, G, N 0%/0

JL is awful too:

Full-Fare Economy Y, B 100% 1.00
Discount Economy H, K, M 70% 0.50
Discount Economy L, V, S, G, O, R 50% 0.50
Discount Economy N, Q 30% 0.50

So not only do they gimp your base miles, but then they chop your EQMs in half on top of that. 15% total EQMs?
No, the chart now lists EQMs per mile flown, NOT EQMs per base mile. So JL bottoms out at 0.5 EQM/mile flown, which is an increase on the cheapest fares.

In fact, every partner I've looked at bottoms out at 0.5 EQMs on all non-zero-earning fares, so that's an improvement on EQMs cheap fares on JL, QF, what was previously announced for BA, and a substantial improvement over the EQPs (which were as low as 0.5*0.25 = 0.125 for QF, for example).
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