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The F/J (3x) and R,D,I (2x) EQM levels are only applicable to AA marketed flights, like this year. So BA flights in premium cabin will all just get 1.5x multiplier. Sensible and predictable.

EQMs for additional SWUs also makes sense if you think that they are trying to make the rewards stay similar for their higher end flyers. Extra 50kEQMs per each additional 2 SWUs. So a person flying all F/J is going to get EXP at 50k BIS miles (4 SWUs) and then another 50k BIS miles will deliver them another 2+2 SWUs for a total of 8 SWUs at 100k BIS miles. The EQM promo this year should have been a good hint of where AA was planning to focus rewards...
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