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Originally Posted by jbfield View Post
Well, the seats are only designed with assumptions on maximum passenger dimensions - and the regulator enforces the minimum seat strength based on these...

Quite what those limits translate to in terms of the passenger's actual size is probably something the customer service department haven't ever determined....worth a bit of a push...

clearly if someone had grown to three times the size of a seat they'd not be accepted on board, even if there is no policy.
I can't really see this happening for any airline. Would it be an absolute weight limit? Dimensions?? (how would they even be measured???)

Leaving aside the physical challenges, also sounds like a discimination suit waiting to happen.

To the OP - I totally sympathise with your unpleasant experience but unfortunately nothing really can be done.

On a somewhat related note, I've often wondered why people aren't given an absolute weight limit on body weight + carryon+ checked luggage...
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