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Originally Posted by srizvi1 View Post

Alright so this starts getting into the territory of money I don't have. I can maybe spread over various credit cards but. Is this something they have a right to collect but may not collect? Or they absolutely will collect this?
As it says in the terms,

Where it appears to Hertz that the cost of repairing the damage (plus the cost of repairing damage to any other vehicle or property with which the rental vehicle collided) may approach or exceed the amount of the ADE, Hertz will charge your credit, charge or debit card with the full amount of the ADE

There isn't a definite yes/no on whether it will charge the entire amount to the card - it depends on what it estimates will be the cost. I would be surprised if the damage inflicted ( unless you rammed at high speed into the pole ) would be as high as even the $5160 ADE
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