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Originally Posted by happyharrys View Post
If H&R responds back to CFPB or to small claims saying we refunded the amount to the source of funds. Then what happens ?

I already filed a complaint with CFPB. As you asked I just asked for the $1400 back and did not mention the refund.
If u get the 'source' as answer in writing (I doubt!), You will write that its vague response to your inquiry, and demand for the specific details, at that point they may decide to mail u the check. (because they know the truth! guilt?) May take few weeks but stay firm with your mantra "I want my $1400" until u get it. sometimes u have to KISS (Keep It Simple act Stupid)

Imagine for a moment that u had their (H&RB) $1400 and tell them u returned their 1400 to the 'source' they gona scream loud 'Fraud'? remember fraudsters rhymes with banksters.

Are u not tired of that word 'fraud'? its time to give back, now your Mantra #2 is "Fraud" every time you are on the phone with them, repeat (very hip and trendy, most know about it)

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